LicenseWatch SPLA Manager 360 provide one focal point
to gain insight and support the full process of Microsoft SPLA program.

We deliver the only solution on the market, designed exclusively for
Microsoft's SPLA program, giving you ”Cost Effective Control and Compliance”

According to Gartner the most important for a cloud management solution is “Single pane of Glass”

Reduce Time Spent

…by up to 85 % on your monthly
Microsoft SPLA Reporting…

Optimize Control and Cost

Accurate inventory tracks all changes through the reporting month. Extensive Licensing calculations optimizes your costs.

Reduce Audits to a matter of days

Optimized control and documentation helps you conclude
the audit faster and more beneficial.

Licensewatch SPLA Manager

Cost Effective Control and Compliance


What can a dedicated SPLA tool do for you?
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Accurate Inventory
The SPLA Manager utilizes inventory from multiple sources, like AD, Hypervisors and individual Devices.

Our deep integration with AD retrieves inventory and user information to track software access, needed for License Calculations, also on a per customer basis.

Hardware and virtual resource information is retrieved from the Hypervisor, which is needed to maintain an accurate overview of the virtual infrastructure, ensure proper inventory and the ability to du proper License Calculations

To minimize the footprint on devices and traffic in the network, our Agent only requests and deploys the relevant modules, needed to extract the relevant information.

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Automated license calculations
Calculating the most optimal Licensing option is a question of triangulating:

  • Inventory from hardware and AD (resources and access)
  • Inventory on software installations (Products and Versions)
  • Relevant part numbers (and pricing) from Eligible Software Editions and Versions

SPLA Manager does this based on your agreement(s) and an ever updated DB containing SPUR use rights, historic as well as current.

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Fast and simplified Ordering
Focus on the changes to make reporting both fast and efficient!

As SPLA Manager keeps track of all changes to your environment you only need to spend time on those customers that have changes to their licensing needs in the current reporting month.

When verifying the order You can validate the changes with the previous 2-month orders on a per license/installation basis.

And of course, you make manual corrections to the order, before sending it to your distributor.

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Optimize customer Invoicing
Carrying a cost without collecting revenue is bad for business!

SPLA Manager delivers information on customer related usage/access, so you can adjust your invoicing in a fast and easy manner – every month!

Simply add a sales person to each customer and you can have a report at the click of a button.

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Time and resource reduction
By automating tasks and processes we can cut down your time spent by up to 85 % AND improve your accuracy, sometimes considerably.
Please consider which employees are involved and how much time they use for:

  • Collecting inventory data today?
  • Calculating the license need, before ordering?

Then ask yourself:
Is the time spent to high versus the value it brings?
Is your inventory and reporting accurate enough?
Are you up to data on the licensing rules and ordering the most optimal licensing solution?
Can you document relevant data, in the event of an audit?

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Archiving for Risk mitigation
Your best defenses in the event of an audit is Documentation!

You need to document :

  • Your inventory,
  • How you have chosen to license installations/access and
  • The relation between the above and the monthly orders

And in a format which is ”tamper-proof”, not just an Excel sheet.

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Keeping track of License Mobility and SALs for SA

Both License Mobility and SAL for SA can provide benefits to the end customer and be a competitive advantage for the Service Provider, but also a financial risks due to compliance issues.
Learn how SPLA Manager 360 helps you keep track of License Mobility and SAL for SA

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License Mobility is widely used as it enables the usage of customer licenses, so no SPLA licenses are needed, but how do you manage License Mobility effectively?
SAL for SA is even harder to manage, as it requires an amendment for the license entitlements available which needs to be correlated with the actual usage.
If not managed effectively both may pose a financial risk due to compliance issues.
SPLA Manager 360 can handle both License Mobility and SAL for SA in a very effective manner, so you can stay in control and compliant.
With SPLA Manager 360 you assign both License Mobility and SAL for SA to the individual customer.
The actual usage is constantly being monitored towards the license entitlements and you will receive an alert:
• If usage is exceeding the amount of license entitlements,
• When the agreement for the license entitlements are about to expire
If you, for whatever reason, need to add more resources to an installation covered by License Mobility, SPLA Manager will allow this as long as there are sufficient license entitlements available, and automatically default to SPLA licenses if the number of available license entitlements are not sufficient. Only in this way you can rest assured that you are compliant, if the customer is not able to assign more license entitlement to you.
With SAL for SA it works differently, as you are allowed to combine SAL of SA with the normal SPLA SAL for the product. So, as long as the end customer in no consuming more than they are entitled to according to their amendment, they can be fully covered by the cheap SAL for SA and if they exceed the number of entitlements, they will still have the cheap SAL for SA according to their entitlements in the amendment and the exceeding licenses as regular SALs.
Offering both License Mobility and SAL for SA can be a competitive advantage, as they lower the cost for the end customer, but may also impose a financial risk, if not managed properly.

Keeping track of PoCs

A PoC is a potential compliance risk, as you have to abide by some pretty strict rules, like only running the PoC for 60 days. Learn how SPLA Manager 360 helps you keep track of PoC

With SPLA Manager 360 you will always have an updated list on active PoCs,

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but you will also be alerted when:

  • The PoC is expiring
  • The PoC is overdue

Start and end dates are stored in SPLA Manager 360, for documentation purposes, but this also ensures that you will not by accident provide the same PoC to a specific customer more than once.

All in all offering PoC and keeping track of them is a lot easier when you have SPLA Manager 360!

Multiple SPLA agreements

Your licensing options are tied to your agreement and if you have more than one agreement, finding the most optimal licensing solution becomes challenging.

Learn how SPLA Manager 360 helps you reduce licensing costs.  SPLA Manager calculated the cost on the available licensing solution

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  across multiple agreements.

This is done based on the inventoried installation, like software version(s) resources available to the software, which is correlated with the available SKUs (and related license metrics) from your active agreement(s).

Relations bound by end customer enrollments are of course respected and you can also select a customer to a specific agreement, if you like.


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