SPLA Manager

Developed To Match Your Needs

A dedicated tool for handling the aspects and issues of SPLA, including:

  • Accurate Inventory

  • Automated Calculation

  • Fast, Easy and Trustworthy Reporting

  • Compliance Archiving Ensures Accurate Track-ability

  • Fast & Easy Installation – And Upgrades

  • Pay-As-You-Go Subscription With No Upfront Licensing Costs

  • Pricing Starts As Low As € 400 Per Month



How do you manage:

Keeping up with licensing rules?

We know that Service Provider User Rights (SPUR) are updated every three months. To come in your help we implement the changes (new SKUs, license metrics or entitlements, etc.) as soon as they are communicated by Microsoft.


Optimizing your licensing solution?

Some software can be licensed in diferent editions or bundles. We calculate the available licensing solutions every month based on:

  • Actual deployments
  • Available hardware resources
  • Actual pricelist calculation


Changes in your environment?

Beingle agile and optimizing on everything requires changes. Any change may have impact on licensing, like:

  • Optimizing/consolidating on virtualized environments
  • Keeping up with SALs and other requirements from customers
  • New customers/users and terminations


Time and effort spent on reporting?

Easy and trustworthy reporting is a must to reduce time. We simplify and optimize the process by:

  • Keeping track of your environment and any change during the reporting month
  • Presenting you with any discrepancies from last month and your recent ordering, so you can accept, or adjust, every order line before sending this to your distributor


The “little things in life”?

The devil lies in details. Any manual task is a potential liability.

All fields are mandatory

Keeping track of PoCs:

  • Automated alerts for expiring PoC
  • Automated control of entitlements vs. usage
  • Automated alerts on expiration of agreement

Keeping track of License Mobility and SALs for SA:

  • Automated validation of qualifying entitlements
  • Automated control of entitlements vs. usage
  • Automated alerts expiration of agreement

Validate usage vs. invoice:

  • Individual usage reports per customer (e.g. users, dedicated server software)
  • Correlation between uniqueID from ERP and our records