SPLA Manager

Developed To Match Your Needs

This tool will make it possible for your Service Provider to:

  • Report accurately, which in some cases will increase your profit

  • Report on time, to ensure you qualify for the incentives from Microsoft

  • Report correctly and direct to you

  • White label the application with your logo, company colors etc.


Learn about:

Accurate reporting

This tool keeps track of changes in the environment to ensure:

  • Discovery of new installations and that these are validated as billable, or not
  • Correct reporting based on the status of changes during the reporting month
  • Control of reporting limits (€/$1.000), PoCs, SAL for SA agreements, etc.


On time reporting

One of our partners once said:
Reporting is time consuming and deadlines are tight…”

The order process is optimized by up to 80 % as:

  • All changes in the environment is tracked
  • The optimal licensing solution is automatically calculated
  • The baseline for the reporting month is correlated with previous orders for validation
  • Decisions can be made based on discrepancies – and the underlying data
  • All orderliness can be manually adjusted


Optimized order handling

Handle more orders through standardization and automation. You may potentially be able to handle more orders as:

  • The format of the orders are standardized
  • Orders can be delivered directly to your order portal
  • The Service Providers can report faster and more accurately, the bottleneck often experienced close to the ordering deadline can be minimized.


How to become a reseller

LicenseWatch has a 100 % focused partner strategy! And we make it very simple to become a partner:

  • Once the contractual stuff is in place, you can offer our application to your customers
  • With every order from a Service Provider you will receive the billing information for the application
  • You bill your customer the customer rate and we bill you the partner rate

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