License consultants

If you are delivering SAM services to Service Providers, SPLA Manager can improve your efficiency significantly. Whether you are a part of the Microsoft SAM for Hosting program or not, all the data you need is collected, calculated and documented automatically.

The insight you can bring to your clients through SPLA Manager can be valuable in several aspects, such as:

  • Cost Control – is the most optimal licensing solution being used?
  • Invoice optimization – is the right payment being collected for the end customer’s consumption?
  • Audit readiness – is documentation being created in a valid format and timely manner?

LicenseWatch SPLA Manager is not an audit tool!

It is dedicated to optimizing the full process of the monthly SPLA reporting, including Inventory, License Calculations, Order creation and Documentation, so it can bring value from the implementation and onwards – both to you as a License consultant and your customer, the Service Provider.

P.s. We also have the option of white labelling, so you can present SPLA manager as your tool.

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