About Us


Making license management easy and priceworthy!


We deliver price-worthy and easy to use SAM tools to Service Providers and Corporates globally who value an efficient, effortless and precise monitoring of software assets!


Customer focused

  • Customers is why we are here. No customers – no LicenseWatch!

That is why we:

  • Do our best to understand customer needs and put customers in the center of our decisions!
  • Engage in customer and partner dialogue to continue to improve!


  • We might not be the biggest player but we swiftly adapt to changes in the market
  • We respond quickly to customer requests


  • Simplicity makes everyone happier!
  • We develop simple functional solutions!
  • Get rid of complexity to make life easier for customers and internally!

Professional but informal

  • We do not wear a tie but show customers, partners and colleagues respect
  • We are well prepared, listen and respond professionally
  • We care about our colleagues


Our story

On the first of January 2008 a group of individuals from some of the largest consulting houses and system management vendors in Denmark founded LicenseWatch. Their mission was, and still is, to deliver the best tool for Software Asset Management in the world. Both from a technologically point of view as well as from a functional one. After being successful in our home market Denmark, LicenseWatch expanded and now we are represented Europe and in the United States.

The latest addition to the LicenseWatch portfolio is the SPLA Manager, which has been developed specifically to support the needs of SPLA Service Providers and SPLA distributors.


We are open for business!