SPLA Manager 360 Community Edition – Free of Charge!

With the intention of supporting a number of small and upcoming Service Providers, LicenseWatch offers a free Community Edition to selected Service Providers.

Community Edition is a fully-featured version of SPLA Manager 360, which can be used free of charge.
Technical support and training is not included in the Community Edition but can be provided at an hourly rate.

The main criteria to be considered eligible for the Community Edition is:
The total* amount of devices (physical and virtual servers) running rental software from Microsoft is less than 100,

* The word Total means inclusive any:
• Subsidiaries and/or affiliates, where the Service Provider holds majority control (50 % or more)
• Parent company or companies, where the parent company holds majority control (50 % or more)

LicenseWatch may, at its sole discretion, decide to approve or decline an application for obtaining the right to use the Community Edition as well as restrict the availability in terms of geography and time where the Community Edition is offered.

The Service Providers obtaining the right to use the Community Edition agrees to undertake the following commitments:
• Actively use SPLA Manager
• Participate in occasional surveys
• Comply with the general terms stated in the EULA

In the event the Service Provider exceeds any of the conditions governing the Community Edition, the Service Provider will either:
• Enter into a standard paid solution, or
• Promptly uninstall any and all components related to SPLA Manager 360 and other components delivered for free by LicenseWatch.

Failure to comply with the terms described will cause the dismissal of the right to use the SPLA Manager Community Edition

For more information please contact sales@splamanager.com

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