The difference between SAM and SPLA compliance

The SPLA Program is quite different from a traditional Perpetual or Subscription agreement, mainly because there are no acquired or fixed number of entitlements, setting limitations on usage.

Therefore, it is not the history of acquired license entitlements in relation to the number of installations, but the current need for licenses in a complex and ever-changing environment that is important.

What to look for in a tool for your SPLA business?
A traditional SAM tool is built to keep track of the balance between acquired entitlements and usage, typically for the contractual period and beyond.
SPLA compliance is about ordering licenses based on the actual license need per reporting month.

An inventory tool will give you the actual numbers on installation/access which is the foundation for calculating your licensing needs, but it does not assist you in keeping track of the rules and requirements from the SPLA agreement(s) or SPUR documents, especially the use rights which may change through your SPLA agreement period – or across several agreements, if you have more than one.

At the end of the day what you need for running an SPLA business is support for the full process, including compliance documentation for Inventory, License calculations and what you have ordered to give the full overview.

LicenseWatch SPLA Manager 360 is tailor-made for the sole purpose of doing this – and nothing else.

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