accurate invoicing

Are you leaving money on the table?

The story of accurate invoicing

Running a successful business as a Service Provider is often related to optimization in the Data Center and efficient Cost control, which both are really important for all Service Providers.

But when it comes to optimizing the revenue generated from end customers, we have often experienced a disconnect between the Data Center and sales/back-office functions.

In its simplest form, there is no correlation between the need for information from Sales/Back-office and data related to the individual end customers access and consumption of services.

In one case we have learned that a specific customer was not invoiced for a full year. Imagine the embarrassment of letting the customer know you are not in control of such a core business exercise… And imagine the trouble of getting payment from a customer for the previous fiscal year.

In other cases, we have heard that Service Providers are asking their end customer to confirm a list of named users, before invoicing. Imagine if you could ask them just to validate any new users and their respective need for licenses… “Congratulation with the growing number of employees…! Here is what they are consuming of licenses… and due to this your invoice is a tad higher.

How can you support Sales and Back-office for more accurate invoicing?

Sales and Back-office need accurate numbers on users and what licenses they are consuming as well as dedicated and shared server licenses to perform accurate invoicing. And they need this every month to ensure your company is not leaving money on the table.

SPLA Manager 360 deliver reports to support this out of the box, so Sales can verify any changes and report to back office what each customer should be invoiced. – Fast, simple and very effective.

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