Automation of processes saves time and resources

SPLA Manager 360 is the only tool designed and build with the sole purpose of supporting the full process of SPLA reporting.

It is not a “twist” on our traditional SAM tool, nor is it a calculator that depends on whatever data you deliver to it.

It is a tool for automating the entire process from Inventory, through License Calculations to Ordering and helping Service Providers run their business even more efficiently, in terms of better insight and daily management as well.

This enables Service Providers to save up to 85 % of the time spent on reporting – or more – every month!

Imagine if you could do the monthly report, by only verifying the changes that relate to your licensing needs…

How much time do you think you could save – every month?


Automation saves time

By automating the Inventory and making it simple to stay on top of the ever-changing IT environment, the accuracy can, in many cases, be greatly improved.

Automating the License calculations, based on the ever-updated License intelligence module and available part numbers from active agreements, ensures that the most cost-efficient option is suggested.

As all relevant changes for licensing is being logged, and the starting point at the beginning of the month known (and locked down), it is possible to derive how the changes are influencing the need for licenses – on a per end customer basis

So instead of extracting the full inventory and manually correlating this with licensing metrics and –rules to find the right number of licenses to order, you simply have to validate the changes, before you are ready to ship your order.  Can it be more simple?

This is how we are able to cut down the time it takes to do the monthly report significantly – in many cases by as much as 85 %.


The question is then:

How much time do you think you can save on your SPLA reporting – every month – by automating your processes?

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