Are you going to attend the Arrow Event – Microsoft and Friends?

If you are attending the Arrow event – Microsoft and Friends , chances are that you will meet LicenseWatch and the new product, SPLA Manager – AKA Arrow SPLA Manager.

According to Gartner IT-infrastructure is:

The system of hardware, software, facilities and service components that support the delivery of business systems and IT-enabled processes

But where is Licensing in this equation?

Infrastructure and Licensing – Microsoft and Friends, or not?

LicenseWatch will demonstrate a solution for an issue known by all Microsoft SPLA Service Providers, and which has been unsolved for more than 10 years.

You will learn how accurate inventory combined with deep knowledge on licensing options can enable you to do fast, efficient and accurate ordering as Arrow SPLA Manager translates information from your IT-infrastructure to relevant Microsoft part numbers.

Arrow SPLA Manager also provides information on a per customer level so you can have deeper insight into your customers and their usage, enabling you to ensure correct invoicing on a per customer level.

SPLA Manager's Customers Section shows the relevant information about the customers of a Service Provider
SPLA Manager’s Customers Section shows the relevant information about the customers of a Service Provider

The short story on SPLA Manager and LicenseWatch

SPLA manager is tailor-made for the SPLA program, it covers and supports the full process of managing SPLA licensing. For your knowledge, the following are examples of what is covered by SPLA manager:

Inventory, License calculations, Order validation, Ordering and Archiving.

Even though LicenseWatch has been working in the traditional SAM tool market since 2003, the SPLA Manager has little resemblance with the traditional tools. So it is not just another inventory tool, which will do less than half the job.

Why is it called Arrow SPLA Manager?

Arrow and LicenseWatch has entered into a strategic collaboration on bringing SPLA Manager to market.

This is a part of LicenseWatch overall Go-to-Market plan, as LicenseWatch has a 100 % dedicated partner channel strategy.

For more information

Remember that you are welcome to learn learn more about the Arrow event – Microsoft and Friends, or Arrow SPLA Manager.
Simply, just reach out for your local Arrow SPLA contact!