SPLA Reporting Tool: Quick guide of how to sleep well at night

Until no so long time ago an SPLA tool was just a nice dream for most of the service providers. There was a glimpse of hope for everyone when Microsoft announced SIL Aggregator. But that glimpse is just a glimpse and the market was still waiting for that SPLA reporting tool which can make them sleep well. Some weak attempts from other software vendors were on the news for their short moment of glory, but that was all. The major challenges are still unsolved.

Why an SPLA Reporting Tool?

  • Doing SPLA inventory is not an easy job,
  • Reporting is impossible without inventory,
  • Reporting on a monthly basis is extremely time consuming,
  • A spreadsheet is not good enough for this job.

It doesn’t matter how good a marketing description sounds. If an SPLA Reporting Tool does not hit the complexity of a SaaS environment that awesome marketing cannot help at all. Most of the SPLA Tools were either only making inventory, or just compliance, or maybe a little bit of both. In some cases the end result was promising, but the deployment was so tedious or even impossible on most of the PaaS or SaaS. It is basically impossible to ask a Service Provider to reshape his environment if he wants to have a little hope for compliance.

So what is LicenseWatch SPLA Manager?

As you probably found out already (if not Click Here), LicenseWatch SPLA Manager is a dedicated tool for accurate inventory and automated calculation. On top of that, it comes with many reports in order to give an eye-bird view of

What is its approach?

A complete tool that can do all the steps, from inventory and license calculation to reporting.

How is it working?

Once the software is installed and configured, data will start coming in.  Then a preorder calculation can be triggered. That will offer a glimpse of the how many licenses are needed to cover all the installations in your environment.