SPLA Reporting – A benefit to the Service Provider?

There is no doubt SPLA Reporting is not the favored work of any Service Provider…

To some it may primarily be a time consuming and sometimes challenging task, that may not seem to bring real value to the business? Still everyone knows it is crucial to perform in an accurate and timely manner.

But what if we try a different perspective, like:
What can SPLA reporting do for the business?

SPLA licenses are not only a cost, but also the foundation for the services based on SPLA, so:

  • Every license should be convertible to revenue from a customer!
  • All changes in deployments and access must be validated with the purpose of ensuring revenue!

Ask yourself this question:

How certain are you that the 2 statements above are taken fully care of in your organization – every month?

What we have learned by talking to Service Providers at LicenseWatch is that this perspective is rarely the predominant, even though Service Providers see this as a desired state and is working towards it.

But that does not change the fact that Reporting is time consuming and (sometimes) challenging?

True, the perspective of seeing Reporting as key to ensure revenue, does not the nature of the task.

One of the major reasons LicenseWatch decided to develop SPLA Manager was to automate as much as possible of the full SPLA process to reduce time spent and complexity for the Service Provider.

The way we do this is by:

  • Automating inventory
  • Monitoring changes in the environment
  • Keeping track of license entitlements and changes to licensing
  • Optimizing on licensing (Installation and Access vs. available Licensing option)
  • Preparing a Journal Entry for simplified ordering based on changes for the reporting month

All for this combined will enable Service Providers to report accurately and with less effort, saving up to 8x % of the time spent, if all processes are manual.