SPLA Tool – it is not an ordinary SAM Tool

A SPLA Tool is not a SAM Tool

A tool for managing SPLA could, for many, be a traditional SAM tool, still a SPLA tool  has as  many differences as there are similarities.

To mention some of the differences these are:

  • There are no perpetual licenses to be taken into consideration, hence it is more like making a new baseline every month.
  • Proving compliance in a traditional on premise business is not an easy or simple task. In a mixed environment, it is more likely to be more challenging. This is not least due to the ever occurring changes in the environment.
  • In a mixed environment, as most Service Providers have, the task is in no way simpler or easier,
  • Keeping track of changes to licensing and license programs and how to optimize licensing costs and propositions to customers. For instance Trials, License Mobility and License Mobility for SA, may be challenging to manage, posing a risk or missed opportunities as a result.
  • Being able to divide the costs of licensing per customer for invoicing is consequently more crucial than within a traditional enterprise.

So when we started out on creating a tool for SPLA management, these were just some of the things we took into consideration.

Our approach on a perfect SPLA tool

The purpose of LicenseWatch SPLA Manager was to build a SPLA tool, which could cover the full SPLA process, from inventory, through License Calculation and Ordering to Archiving for Compliance reasons.

In the early process of designing this we discovered that trying to make our traditional SAM tool do this would not satisfy our ambitions.

Hence we started over again, this time from the top down, and interviewed a handful of Service Providers about what was in particularly relevant for them.

Based on this we boiled it down to the following list:

  • Simplified SPLA reporting with the ability to:
    • verify actual usage and access based on the reporting month against individual customers,
    • support License Mobility/for SA and Trials/PoCs,
    • manually adjust the inventoried data to match individual requirements (e.g. exclusions from SPLA),
    • deliver data/reports for end-customer invoicing.
  • Risk mitigation
    • better control on Inventory,
    • audit tracks,
    • documentation on the relation between inventory and orders.
  • Suggestions on best licensing option, where available
    • Calculate the available licensing options and suggest the most optimal,
    • Manage changes due to the SPUR document (Use Rights, Part numbers, etc.) and besides pricelist.
  • Maintenance and Operations, which goes in two parts, the Application and the Environment:
    • A: Make updates and changes, in short, easy to manage,
    • A: Don’t interfere more than possible on the servers and the network,
    • O: Give us the insight into the environment to gain better control and Compliance,
    • O: Help us stay on top on the daily tasks needed to face an Audit

If you share these wishes for a SPLA tool or would like to add topics, please contact us. If you want to learn more, fell free sign up for one of our webinars.