SPLA licensing – a monthly challenge?

SPLA licensing – a monthly challenge?

I assume that you are reading this as a Service Provider with questions to SPLA licensing. If that is the case, you will highly probable agree on the following statement:

“Keeping up-to-date with SPLA licensing rules and pricing… can be quite challenging!”

If you do not agree on the statement, then consider the questions beneath:

  • When did you last take the time to read the latest Service Provider Use Rights (SPUR) document?
  • How do you validate the impact of the changes, as for instance to upgrading your Windows server installations to 2016?
  • How certain are you that your reporting is taking all relevant aspects, like license metrics and minimum buys into consideration?
  • Do you ever consider if there are more optimal licensing options, than the ones you are using right now?

Get on top of the challenges with SPLA Licensing

The SPLA Manager is tailor-made for Service Providers and is built with the SPUR documents as the governing framework. We implement the changes to the SPUR document every month. We also update relevant data, like Part Numbers, License Metrics and minimum buys every month. This enable us to calculate the most optimal licensing option, where available. We even keep track of the $ 1.000 limit for individual reporting.

Inventory is key to accurate licensing

As always, inventory is the foundation for being able to apply licenses in a correct and accurate manner.

LicenseWatch has been doing inventory since 2003. This, together with our knowledge of the SPLA program, enables us to calculate every relevant aspect of licensing in a Service Providers environment.

Based on the inventory we calculate the licensing requirements and available options on each and every installation and suggest the most optimal solution – every month!

Start simplifying your life!

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