Microsoft Cloud and Hosting Summit 2017 – a Great Success!

SPLA Manager is truly relevant for both Service Providers and SPLA distributors.

We knew we had a product of relevance to Service Providers and SPLA distributors. We learned at Microsoft Cloud and Hosting Summit 2017 that the relevance for both Service Providers and SPLA distributors is almost overwhelming.

From the opening reception at the exhibit hall, Tuesday afternoon, we had a steady stream of visitors, showing great interest in SPLA Manager.

It went almost crazy!

After the licensing session Wednesday afternoon dozens of people were standing in line to talk to us.

We knew SPLA Manager could bring a lot of value to especially Service Providers, but this was almost crazy.

What spawned this boom in visitors was Microsoft’s announcement of the cancellation of the further development of the SIL aggregator concept. And throughout the event people kept coming to talk to us. On the last day, some even asked us not to close the booth as they would like to talk to us after the event closed.

To all for these people, thank you for the interest. We will get in touch with you, but if you have any questions before we do, please feel free to contact us anytime.


Microsoft was also very interested in SPLA Manager

We had some really interesting talks with Microsoft on how to reach our common goals. We also had talks with local Microsoft representatives from around the globe, on collaboration. More on these topics in a near future…

If you did not attend the Microsoft Cloud and Hosting Summit 2017

If you were not at Microsoft’s Cloud and Hosting Summit 2017, but have some of these issues:

  • Time consuming reporting,
  • Uncertainty of the accuracy of your inventory,
  • Want to mitigate financial risks from auditing or
  • Just want to make sure you are invoicing your end customers correctly

Then please contact us at or sign up for a Free Webinar to learn more about SPLA manager.